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2023 King's Award - Innovation Winners 

Conductive Transfers win Kings award 2023

MyGo4ward win the Elevator Award 2022 - Innovation category. With wearable using Conductive Transfers patented technology.

2022 Elevator Award Innovation Winners

After four years of being left paralysed from the chest down, Ali Johnston is getting back on his feet. Thanks to Conductive Transfers & MYGO®

Transforming Lives:

wheelchair to walking

Conductive Transfers (CT) announces an agreement with Atlantic Therapeutics to manufacture and supply stretchable and washable circuits for their INNOVO® product.

CT Manufacture and supply FemTech brand

Conductive Transfers show a series of printed electronics solutions that are lighter and more efficient and can contribute to integrating functionalities. in vehicles.

Printable seat heating and sensing solutions

The Conductive Transfers licence will support the scale up of  the FemTech brands' commercialisation activities into their core US & UK markets.

CT licence helps

FemTech brand


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