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Bringing together electronics and textiles to create functional products


ElastaTrode™ is a printed circuit technology designed for smart textiles. Conductive Transfers has manufactured over 150,000 ElastaTrode™ circuits since 2018 for medical smart garment Innovo. Innovo is an FDA and CE approved compression garment that is used to treat urinary incontinence and is hand washable. ElastaTrode™ is suitable for a wide range of smart textile applications including electrical muscle stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and medical sensing applications including ECG, EMG and EEG. ElastaTrode™ electrodes can have two or even three dimensions(3D). ElastaTrode™ 3D electrodes in compression garments reduce skin contact resistance on hairy skin or in some locations on the body with undulations. ElastaTrode™ technology is protected with granted UK and US patents and other pending applications.



ElastaTherm® is a printed heater technology designed for smart textiles. In comparison with today’s heating element wires or mats ElastaTherm® heaters typically reach operating temperatures in one-tenth of the time, use one-quarter of the power, ARE one-thirtieth of the thickness, are one-quarter of the weight and self-regulate at the operating temperature for enhanced safety and the elimination of temperature regulation circuit. ElastaTherm® technology is protected with granted patents in major global markets.



ElastaTronic™ is a hybrid circuit technology designed for smart textiles. The circuits combine screen-printed circuits with surface-mounted silicon chip ICs and discrete components.

Conductive Transfers has already demonstrated hybrid circuits with track and gap dimensions down to 300µm, two conducting silver layers, printed NFC and RFID antennas, discrete resistors, capacitors, inductors and crystals and RGB LEDs, RFID, NFC and capacitive touch chips. Assembly of the surface mount components onto the printed circuit can be carried out using industrial pick-and place machines and use conductive adhesive to electrically bond the components to the circuit making the process cost-effective. For smart textile applications, a flexible textile adhesive is deposited onto each component to ensure good mechanical integration with the textile during the transfer(heat pressing) stage. ElastaTronic™ technology is protected with granted patents in major global markets.



ElastaSens™ is a printed pressure sensing technology designed for smart textiles. ElastaSens™ pressure sensors are flexible, thin and light making them suitable for smart apparel, PPE, industrial and many other smart textile applications. ElastaSens™ pressure and force sensors which use resistive and/or capacitive measurements can be tuned for specific customer and application requirements. ElastaSens™ sensors use Quantum Technology SuperSensor (QTSS ™ )* technology.

*QTSS is owned by Quantum Technology Super Sensors Ltd



ElastaLink™ is a seam-crossing technology for smart garments and smart textiles. ElastaLink™ uses a small link circuit with exposed electrode pads pressed onto fabric to electrically link two circuits that have been applied to separate garment panels with a sewn or bonded seam. The electrical connection can be made with electrically conductive adhesive and is done after the seam has been sewn or bonded. Textile adhesives, sewing or bonding systems can be used to ensure that the link circuit is properly attached to the garment panels over the seam. ElastaLink technology is patent pending.

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