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Conductive Transfers will work with your team to design, manufacture, assemble and test printed smart textile circuits with unique advantages for your proof of concept or prototype. To help your business deliver the next generation of printed smart textile products we have developed a family of synergistic technologies including 2D and 3D electrodes, heaters, pressure sensors, hybrid electronic circuits and seam crossing. We have excellent relationships with many of the world’s leading functional ink suppliers. A recently installed Instron Universal column tester and a Keysight LCR meter allow simultaneous capture of a smart textile circuit’s mechanical properties such as tensile strain and electrical parameters such as resistance for reliability engineering and product lifetime analysis. Since 2017 we have successfully delivered dozens of prototype projects and have experience of working with customers globally from the medical, health, automotive and apparel markets.


Conductive Transfers has manufactured over 160,000 circuits for the medical smart garment Innovo® which is used to treat urinary incontinence.

Our modern 1100m 2 UK factory has a production cylinder press screen printing line that uses a 100cm x 70cm sheet size. This is complemented with Adobe Illustrator for circuit design, screen preparation facilities including an optical direct write system, sophisticated test equipment and a selection of heat presses. Our team of eight staff has over 200 years of printing and electronics experience. We are supported with strong supplier relationships for functional inks, consumables and equipment. Conductive Transfers will deliver innovative circuits in production quantities for your smart textile products on time and cost effectively.


For large production volumes and maximum control over production costs, Conductive Transfers will licence its patents, knowhow and trademarks. We will also support your team with a comprehensive technology transfer process, training, equipment and materials. In 2021, Conductive Transfers licensed its ElastaTrode™ technology to Atlantic Therapeutics for use in their Innovo® product. 

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