Conductive Transfers has developed fantastic new technologies for printing stretchable electronics. The patented process results in circuits that are stretchable, washable, durable and effective. We have also developed heater transfers whereas the heat can be regulated between 15 to 130 degrees.


Conductive transfers will work with you and your team to convert ideas into prototype

circuits. This helps you demonstrate your smart textile products as a proof of concept, this

can provide a step-change in performance and value. We work with customers in the

medical, health, automotive and apparel markets on significant prototyping and proof of concept modelling.


Conductive Transfers will work with you and your team providing you with valuable insight into the technical elements of the production process. This will help you and your team deliver innovative circuits in production quantities for your smart textile products on time and cost-effectively. Conductive Transfers has manufactured tens

of thousands of circuits for medical smart garment manufacturer Innovo for the treatment of urinary incontinence. 


For companies that need to control or take ownership of the production process,
Conductive Transfers will licence its patents, know-how and trademarks. We will also
support your team with a comprehensive technology transfer process, training,
equipment and materials are all supplied by us so as you can be assured that your
results will match the prototypes and the products produced for you by Conductive
Transfers. This is a proven model as Conductive Transfers has recently licensed its
ElastaTrode TM technology to Atlantic Therapeutics for use in their Innovo product.