Our management team has decades of experience in printing, textiles & electronics:



& Director


Co inventor & Director

Over 30 years working in the texile industry from garment manufacturer  to print, logistics, supply chain, brand and business owner.

Joint inventor of the conductive transfer system



& Director


Co inventor & Director

Over 35 years management and printing experience. Joint inventor of the conductive transfer system with experience in digital transfer and screen printing methods. Mel also has experience in the promotional & charity merchandise sectors.



Interim Director

IP Licensing

Mark Catchpole 

Interim Director IP Licensing

20 years engineering and management experience in the electronics industry with the last 3 focussed on wearables. Experienced project leader, business developer and CTO. BSc Physics. MSc Microelectronics Systems Design.

Conductive Transfers has developed a fantastic new technology for printing stretchable electronics.


The patented process results in circuits that are stretchable, washable, durable and effective. Since the business was founded in 2017 we have been supplying samples and prototypes to numerous customers operating in diverse markets globally. 


We entered full production in 2018. Our modern 11,000 sq.ft factory located in Hoyland near Sheffield, England is equipped with state of the art screen printing technology with the capacity to serve numerous customers.







We also offer a full technology transfer program including IP licensing, training, equipment, inks and consumables.

Printing stretchable electronics for a healthier world